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Tour Information

Due to the limited number of events offered for junior golfers in Colorado, Kelli McKandless started the Summit Junior Tour in February 2022. Kelli has been involved in junior golf for 15+ years, including the last four years in Colorado.

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2023 Plan
  • (12) - 36 Hole Events
  • 70 Players Per Event
  • 4 Events with AJGA PBE Points
2024 Plan
  • (12) - 36 Hole Events
  • 90 Players Per Event
  • 12 Events with AJGA PBE Points
What Success Looks Like
  • Players, Parents, and the Host Facilities love to be involved with the Summit Junior Tour
  • Communication is EXCELLENT
  • Rounds of golf are smooth and well-paced (4.5 hours)
  • WIN for Host Facility / WIN for Junior Golfers / WIN for Summit Junior Tour