Tour Policies | Summit Junior Tour

Player and Spectator Code of Conduct

  • Players and spectators will abide by the rules of the Summit Junior Tour.
  • Players and spectators will treat other players, spectators, volunteers, tournament officials and the host facility, employees, and property, with respect.
  • Any inappropriate behavior or action toward others will not be tolerated and will result in removal of the player or spectator from the property and possible suspension. This includes violation of any laws, regulations, or host facility rules.
  • Players are responsible for pace of play, rules, and safety of others. Any violations will result in removal from the property as well as possible suspension.
  • Any player or spectator who is disrespectful to others or is found to be bullying in any form (including social media) at a Summit Junior Tour Event may result in suspension.
  • Players or spectators are not permitted to give advice to competitors, either verbally or nonverbally (including different languages). A player or spectator found giving advice will result in the player or spectator being suspended.
  • Players are prohibited from using cell phones for anything other than scoring during an event. This includes Player use of social media during play.

The Summit Junior Tour's Staff and / or the Tournament Committee will be responsible for enforcing the Code of Conduct and reserve the right to suspend any player or spectator depending on the severity of the violation. Warnings may or may not be issued.

Golf Carts are for spectators only unless the Tournament Committee has made an exception. Players are allowed to ride back the to the clubhouse or to safety in the event of inclement weather. There could be circumstances in which SJT permits spectators to shuttle players between certain holes for pace of play purposes. In this situation, SJT staff will make an announcement and display signage so that it's clear.

Use of Spectator Carts is the decision of the host facility. The spectator cart fees will be set by the host facility and will not be determined by SJT.

Pull Carts are allowed at any event, so long as the host facility permits this use. Motorized push carts are not allowed at any event.

Start Times - Tee times will be emailed or texted to all participants as well as posted on the Tournament Information Page 3-7 days prior to the start of the event.

Waitlist - Waitlisted players will be notified if they are able to get into the tournament 24 -48 hours prior to the event. Players on the waitlist are welcome to come to the event in the case of a no-show. Players on the waitlist will be entered into the tournament in the order of their position on the waitlist.

Players Classifications (WD, NC, NS, DQ) - Consistent with Junior Golf Scoreboard and AJGA policies, we are conforming to their player classifications of Disqaulifications and Withdrwals while submitting tournament results.

  • Withdrawals (WD) - Only used when a player discontinues play during a tournament and provides documentation verifying illness, injury, or outstanding circumstances.
  • No Card (NC) - When a player discontinues play during a tournament.
  • No Show (NS) - When a player does not show up for their first-round tee time.
  • Disqualification (DQ) - When a player does not show up for their second or third round tee time without notifying the Tournament Director beforehand.


No Show (NS) Policy - If a player fails to make their tee time for the first round and hasn't withdrawn from the event in accordance with the SJT policies, the player is considered a No Show (NS). Players may cancel from a particular event through BlueGolf up to 48 hours in advance of the start of the event. In addition to cancelling through BlueGolf, players also need to email to notify the staff. A player that No-Shows for the 2nd or 3rd day of a multi-day event, without properly notifying the Tour Director, will be considered a DQ.

No Card (NC) Policy - If a player does not complete a round or withdraws between rounds, this will be considered a No Card. If a player needs to discontinue play due to an injury, illness, or other emergency, they will need to provide documentation for approval to the Tour Director in order for it to be considered a Withdrawal (WD).

Breach of No Show or No Card Policies

  • 1st Offense - Warning and forfeit of the entry fee.
  • 2nd Offense - The player will be removed from their next event, without refund.
  • 3rd Offense - Suspension for 2 months. No refunds will be issued.

Entry Fees are determined by the Summit Junior Tour and are non-negotiable.

Refund Policy

  • Refunds - Refunds will be issued only if registration is cancelled before the entry deadline of that event, and $25 will be withheld for credit card processing.
  • Credit Account - If registration is cancelled prior to the entry deadline, and you wish to save the $25 credit card processing fee, the entry fee may be trnasferred to a future event without penalty.
  • Partial Refunds - Any registration cancelled after the entry deadline and up to 48 hours of the event start times will receive a refund of 50%.
  • No Refunds - No refunds will be issued for any registration cancelled within 48 hours of the start of the event.
  • Day of Cancellations - If you are unable to attend the tournament, please notify the Tour Director at 720-705-1020 or email as a courtesy. This will also for waitlisted players to be notified as soon as possible.

Distance devices are allowed to measure distances only and cannot be used to measure any other conditions, including slope, wind speed, temperature, etc.

Breach of Policy

  • 1st Offense - 2 Stroke Penalty
  • 2nd Offense - Disqualification (DQ)
  • 3rd Offense - Suspension for 2 months. No refunds will be issued.
  • Boys will be required to wear collared shirts, regardless of the facility. Shorts must be appropriate length.
  • Girls may wear collared shirts, either with or without sleeves, or a sleeveless shirt with a collar. Shorts or skorts must be an appropriate length.
  • If any player's clothing is deemed to be inappropriate, the player will be asked to change or to withdraw.
  • Hats / visors will be worn with brom facing forward.
  • No tank tops, t-shirts, denim, cargo shorts, cutoffs, sweatpants, jeans, gym shorts, or tights/leggings/yoga pants will be allowed.
  • All Spectators will adhere to the host facility's dress code policy. Please contact host course or refer to their website.
  • Official time will be kept by the Starters on the #1 Tee.
  • Players will be given 40 seconds to play each shot. That time starts when it is that player's turn to play.
  • If that player is determined to be off pace, then the entire group will be warned.
  • If the entire group falls off pace, that group will be notified that they will be put on the clock. At that time, each player will have 40 seconds to hit their shot when it is their turn.
  • If a player takes longer than 40 seconds, they will be warned. If there is a second occurence for that player, then they will receive a 1-stroke penalty. Every other subsequent occurence will result in a 2-stroke penalty.
  • If there is clear negligence of the rules of pace of play, that player will be disqualified and subject to suspension.
  • The tournament committee will keep in mind the difficulty of the host facility as well as any inclement weather.
Suggestions for Faster Play
  • WALK FASTER between shots and holes.
  • BE PREPARED when it comes to your turn. Calculate yardages and plan for your shot whiles others are playing. Read greens while others are getting prepared for their shots.
  • Park your bag or pull cart in the appropriate place on the tee box and the green. The bag should be parked adjacent to the tee markers while on the tee box and leading to the next hole when putting out on the putting green.
  • Play a provisional ball (Rule 18.3) if your ball might be lost outside of a penalty area or if it might be out of bounds.

Summit Junior Tour reserves the right to adjust pace of play policies at any time.

Summit Junior Tour Player Series Events - If time and the course allow for it, ties will be determined by a sudden death playoff. Otherwise, we will use a scorecard playoff method:

  • Lowest score over hole number 10 through hole number 18 of course, regardless of the order of play.
  • If still tied, then lowest score over hole number 13 through hole number 18, regardless of the order of play.
  • If still tied, then lowest score over hole number 16 through hole number 18, regardless of the order of play.
  • If still tied, start with hole 18 and match scores in order, going backwards through hole 10; the first player to have a lower score on a hole wins.

Summit Junior Tour Elite, Invitational, or Championship Series Events - In the event of a tie for first place, a sudden-death playoff will be conducted (time and course permitting). In the event of a scorecard playoff, we will follow the methodology above.

In the event of a weather delay, the players are asked to remain at the course until a decision and an annoucement is made to continue play. If a continuation of play is not possible, the tournament will be cancelled. If the tournament had year-long points awarded to the winners, no points will be awarded if the tournament is not completed. If the tournament is cancelled, players may receive a partial refund, depending on the contract with the host faciility.

Elite Divison vs Player Division

Elite Division

  • Male Player aged 18 and under with USGA Handicap of 8.1 or lower
  • Female Player aged 18 or under with a USGA Handicap of 18.1 or lower

Player Division

  • Male Player aged 18 or under with a USGA Handicap between 8.1 and 18.1

However, if a player in the Elite Boys Division scores a two-day total of 180 strokes or more, that player may be moved to the Players Boys Division for the next event. If that same player in future events, scores a two-day total 170 strokes or better, the tournament committee will discuss the appropriate division for the player in the next event. At that point the player will be notified about the decision. If a player in the Players Boys Division, scores a two-day total of 160 strokes or better, that player may be moved into the Elite Division in future events.

Regarding the Boys Player Division and the Elite Girls Division, both have a max handicap of 18.1. If a player scores a two-day total of 195 strokes or worse, the tournament committee will discuss the appropriate actions including suspension from future events.

At any point due to the player’s behavior, conduct, or course / rules knowledge, the tournament committee can move any player between divisions with written cause and explanation. The tournament committee also reserves the right to suspend or expel a player for reasons above.